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Challenge Modes - Time to get dirty

Aight so as the post name suggests it's time to start doing challenge modes. I'll do be doing some research about tactics and tricks and start doing them shortly after (possibly even today). I wanna know who is interrested, if any.Just some quick ...
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Zalaydin5335Small Xoriah 4y
General News

Raiding Days

Okay so now most of us are 90 and ready to raid.We need to set actual raiding days so we can start checking MoP for good.As last year we will be raiding from 19:30 ~ 20:00 ---> 23:00However, for the days we'll try and see when the majority can...
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Xoriah12577Member avatar small Labzy 4y
General News

Oi !!

Hey guys long time no see!So now that MoP release date has been announced i think its time we caught up and got some thing settled. I have a few things that i feel we need to get in place before we get too close to exp:- Is anyone quitting; do we ...
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Zalaydin17778Small Xoriah 4y

Guys from Once Upon a Wipe

remember me?? just logged on to check how you guys have been doing, see the progression is good! few months and i might come back to boost you and take your loot know the loot bitch queen is fucked off :):) cya! moeshy :)
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Moeshy7514Small Chillside 5y
General News

Guild Name

we'll wait until we have lots of options and then we'll put up a poll.So farBad NewsBrainlagCrackbaby AssociationCrackbabies IncDa Ganja GangSexual Harassment PandaFailbot Dot Org
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General News

Zala vacation 5/2 - 12/2

Hey guys in week 6 I'll be going skiing in norway. Im leaving sunday the 5th and I'll be back sunday the 12th. I would like to hear if it was possible to move the 2 raids that conflict with this. I will be able to play (with like 90% probability) ...
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General News

Realm / faction change

Hey guys, just wanted to throw this out there; how would ppl feel about changing realm and or faction? Sunstrider isnt the server it used to be, pretty damn dead imo, and i could personally use a breath of fresh air and have never played on the al...
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Zalaydin2172Small Xoriah 5y
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